Saturday, December 19, 2009

A Weight Loss Avatar for Men

Check out our new iPhone app for seeing your weight loss progress in a visual way.

It's based on your BMI calculations so it will look different for men who are the same weight but different heights. We hope it's a fun motivational aid for your weight loss goals.

You can customize your virtual avatar with your current weight, goal weight, heaviest weight and your height. Enter your personal data in pounds or kilograms, inches or centimeters (and quickly convert between them).

You can also customize your skin and hair color as well as the clothing and shoe colors.

The app also records your daily or weekly weight to help you keep track of your weight loss progress. Check out the Virtual Weight Loss Avatar for Men at the iTunes store.

Update: December 16th, 2011. Our newly updated app just launched. See the new weight loss app here.

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